(Founded 1910)
    Recreation Ground,  Croft Avenue,
                             Southwick,   BN42 4TE
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Brown, white or grey flat-soled (“heel-less”) regulation footwear should be worn by players, markers and umpires when they play on the green or act as umpires or markers.

Roll-ups, Practice, Internal Club Competitions (except in Finals) and Marking / Coaching sessions

Flat caps, Baseball or Jockey caps, Round hats with brim or sun visors, all of a single colour with optional small motif.

Above waist
Official approved club shirt.
Shirts (with collar and sleeves) or blouses, each of a single colour or with a different coloured collar and/or sleeve.
All the above can be worn with round, v-necked or collared pullovers or cardigans of a single colour or subtle pattern.

Below waist
Trousers, or tailored knee length shorts of a single colour together with matching socks.

Full length or cropped trousers, tailored knee length shorts, knee length pleated or generously cut skirt or culottes all of a single colour. Tights optional.

All Matches and External competitions/Tournaments

Above waist
Approved club shirts for all friendly matches and for all other competitions/tournaments if permitted under the match/competition rules.
Otherwise, white shirts/blouses with appropriate tie/flash. May be worn with white round, v-necked or collared over-garment, white flat, baseball or jockey cap, white round hats with brim or sun visors.
Below waist
Whites (afternoon matches) or greys (morning or evening matches).
Ladies may wear, in accordance with SCWBA and Bowls England regulations, tailored full length or plain cropped trousers or culottes falling mid-way between the knee and the ankle.
Tailored shorts, provided (in respect of away matches) that prior agreement has been obtained from opposing club.